Fred Thrane, Musician

I started playing the guitar when I was 17 years old. About 3 months into my practice, I heard an old recording of Andres Segovia playing Granados’ Spanish Dance #5. I wanted to play like that. I found a local teacher of classical and flamenco guitar named Jack Buckingham and studied with him until I went away to college.


In my second year of college at UC Santa Barbara, Jack introduced me to the fabulous concert guitarist, Vicente Gomez. I was able to take lessons from him for the next 2 years. By this time I was smitten by the guitar and transferred to Cal State Hayward to major in guitar, where I eventually received a master’s degree in music with a specialty in classical guitar. During this time, for 5 years I took private lessons from the concert and recording guitarist, Rey de la Torre.


After graduation, I was able to secure a position as Professor of Music at San Jose State University and Foothill College teaching classical guitar. Some of my earliest compositions came from this time period. I kept these positions for 7 years and then went into the business world. I gave up the guitar and didn’t play again for 15 years.


But the siren of music called me. I took up the guitar again in 1995. I began improvising, and I found that I enjoyed playing the guitar immensely and composing music for it. This CD is the result of my wanderings and I hope that you enjoy hearing it, as much as I enjoyed making it.


Fred Thrane